SYSL Mix n Mingle

Hi!  It’s Chris, and I’m happy to have some more self-sewn love to share with you today!  

Did you see Denita’s cheetah print dress earlier this week?  She said she forced herself out of her comfort zone and she rocked it!  I’m going to be honest here, I really stink at going out of MY comfort zone, both metaphorically and physically (you might notice I even have a comfort zone for pictures!).  I’m mostly a comfy solids girl, but I originally did choose a shirt pattern that isn’t my normal style, and I made it with a bold Georgette fabric that I’d never sewn with before.  It was a big flop (through no fault of the pattern), so I had to start over, with less time to experiment.  But that’s ok, because what I ended up with is completely me!  

I paired Patterns for Pirates’ Women’s Henley with Stitch Upon a Time’s Goldilegs and Made for Mermaids’ free Infinity Scarf.  Because of my time constraints, I went with plain versions of both the pants and top, but I definitely see more of each in my future to play with the varieties of the patterns!  

My Goldilegs were made with a grey, heathered jeggings knit from Joann’s.  I used the yoga waistband, and they’re just as comfortable as my favorite Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs.  Sizing for me was great in the waist, but a little tighter than I’d like in the thighs.  They were also a bit too long, even though I did shorten the pattern, but we can probably blame that on measuring my inseam incorrectly.  These are adjustments I can easily make next time!  

For my henley, I used a lightweight cotton lycra from Walmart.  I’m pretty new to sewing for myself, and I often have trouble with fit in tops, so I wanted to use something inexpensive for my first try with the pattern.  Next time I will definitely cut into some of my higher quality stash!  I graded sizes between my bust and hip and shortened the pattern two inches based on the length of a store-bought shirt I wanted to match.  I love the fit of this one, but I might play with a smaller size and a full bust adjustment next time (which I hope is really soon).  

Although my usual style doesn’t include a lot of prints, I decided to use what was left of the flowered Georgette to make the infinity scarf.  I love how it takes the super plain pairing up a notch!  While I didn’t stick to my original plan, I’m still really happy with my outfit and am thankful for the push to sew something for myself!