Get Involved in the Community with CBM Sewing and Design

Providing education & community outreach in our friendly and cozy Ellettsville studio.

I am soooooo excited to be sharing the endeavors of one of our amazing team members, Carrie B.  At Pattern Revolution, we exist to further the encouragement and education of a new generation of seamstresses; and Carrie, with partners Maggie and Elizabeth, has taken this from the web to the streets with their new venture CBM Sewing and Design.

So what is CBM Sewing and Design???

'We are three sewing mavens who want to share our passion of working with and creating things from fabric with our greater community.  CBM SEWing & Design will be open for classes, events, and open stitch hours that are posted in advance. More than that though, we hope to become the place you think of when you want to sew or even just talk about sewing. We want to establish a warm, welcoming space where you can come and be creative, where you can come and learn new things, where you can come and meet other people who share the same passion! While we'd like to eventually expand to carrying fabric and notions, our main focus at this time is to establish a space for community sewing so we won't be a retail shop at this time.'

How Awesome is that!!!!!!  I now want to live in Indiana!  I honed my sewing skills in a costume shop, working with a group of people to sew and create for hours each day, and it was amazing.  That community of people coming together to work and create and laugh is something I've never been able to recapture sewing by myself at home.

So here is the thing - CBM needs help to get off the ground.  They need funds to purchase machines and supplies to help make sewing more accessible to the community, and we can all help!  We might not all have the ability to set up our own communities in our home towns, but we can help be a part of this real sewing space that is going to grow, that is going to encourage, that is going to educate.  And that is amazing!

CBM is gathering funding this month to make their dreams come to full fruition - there are fun perks at all different giving levels from a rocking headband at $15 to a custom handmade bag and wallet at the $500 giving level.  So consider taking part, consider getting involved, consider making a donation today!