Little Lizard King Mash Up-Harbor Dress as a Top featuring Fabric Fix

This week, I was challenged to describe my creative self in a ‘Mission Statement’ type of paragraph. I jotted down a list of words that describe me and my skills and among these descriptive words, I jotted down the word “Fabricaholic” because I just can never have enough, and I think about fabric all the time. When I found out about Fabric Fix, a monthly fabric subscription company that sends you a surprise package that includes 2-4 yards of Designer Cotton Fabrics, matching trims and notions – I just needed to try it out.

What a TREAT to receive a “Mystery” package of fabrics! I tore it open to find it filled with 3 yards of Riely Blake Lulabelle fabric (in Main Navy, Main Mint and Petal Pink) and ½ a yard of solid green to coordinate with the 2 Main prints; plus thread, an elastic pull and a sweet flashlight keychain. Fabric Fix also includes a paper pattern--this time  a jacket--can’t wait to sew it up another time! The color navy is a big hit in our house, so I wanted to use that one right away.

I decided to pair my new fabrics with the Just Released Little Lizard King Harbor Dress because of the drop waist (opportunity to showcase the pretty Main Navy Print with flowers and birdcage-LOVE) and that awesome large bow.

Lately, I have watched Hobbes (who turned 6 this week) choose to wear separate tops and bottoms instead of dresses and stockings. I decided to rework the Harbor skirt into a tunic top length. It wasn’t hard to envision the finished look because the Harbor Dress has a peplum top-skirt option. I was inspired by the length of where the peplum hit on the tester’s photos that I created this formula for my daughter’s size 4 top.

How to achieve top length (based on size 4 measurements)

The first (and only) rule I have when I am changing a pattern’s measurement is to round up--it’s easier for me to work in whole numbers.

  1. To figure out the top-skirt width: I knew I wanted it to be a little fuller than the peplum, but not as full as the dress. I took the skirt measurement (round up) and the optional peplum measurement (round up) and found the average. Then, just add those numbers together, round up, and divide in 2. My width came out to 30.

  2. To figure out the top-skirt length: Looking at the pictures of where the peplum hit the body, I decided I wanted it to be about 2 inches longer for the top. I also like to add a 1 inch single fold hem. I added 3 inches to the length of the peplum measurements.

  3. Take your length by width and cut 2, sew together like you would the skirt, and voila-you have tunic length top.

***Because of Hobbes’ slender measurements, I skipped adding the skirt placket. For us, the unbuttoned bodice has enough give to pull on and off.

The Harbor Dress pattern is already loaded with so many intricate option:, the big bow, military style front bodice button tabs, the shoulder tabs, and the peplum top skirt. The back has 2-3 button closures. That morning I couldn’t get my machine to cooperate making button holes (yep, it happens to all of us). I quickly found my pack of sew-on-snaps and decided to use those to close and ‘fake’ the buttons on the back. After sewing the snaps on, I decided I really liked the clean look of the back and I left the buttons off. This is a great option to consider if you fear buttons or have an uncooperative machine like mine.

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