30 Days of Sundresses: the Petit Pan Sundress

30 Days of Sundresses is live again over at Melly Sews!!!  This is one of my favorite series every year becasue there is simply so much creativity shown off by all who are involved, and seriously how adorable are sundresses in general!!!  Plus every single post is a tutorial, hack, or free pattern for you - sooo yeah, this series is gonna keep you creating without costing you cash!  Don't miss out on the giveaways all month long over at Melly Sews!

Ok - so what have I got for you today???  Well the Petit Pan Sundress!  This was my first pattern ever that I made 2 years ago - sheesh, has it really been 2 YEARS!!! When I made it I thought at the time, this would be such a cute dress, but then life got in the way and it never happened.  But this summer Mack is in a size 6, which meant that it was time to expand the sizing.  And since i was working on that anyway, I figured this would be the perfect time to do a tutorial for turing the Petit Pan Top into a Petit Pan Sundress.

petit pan dress-1002.jpg

You can grab the Pattern HERE (with expanded sizes now in 2-7).  The Free Pattern is for a Tunic length top with either a rounded or triangle collar.

And here is the Tutorial for making it into a dress:

1.  Take your front and back pattern pieces.  You need to figure out how much length to add - I just used an A-line dress pattern from my stash to get a quick idea, but you could also use a dress from your child's closet or measure them from under the arm to their knee.  I added 6 inches to the pattern for Mack.

2.  Lay out your front pattern piece and take your straight edge and lay it along the side seam edge, extend your straight edge along the  angle of the pattern piece and measure out - for me that is 6 inches.  Draw your extended edge with a marking pen.

3.  Cut the side seam, armscye, shoulder, and neck line.  Now, slide your pattern piece down along your side seam and cut the curve of the hem.

4.  Repeat for your back piece.

5.  There you go - now sew as directed in the instructions.

Whip some of these up for fun in the sun and let your daughter be coo-kie, crazy and comfy as the temperatures rise.