Lavish - Luxury on a Bolt

Like many of you I am a fabric-aholic, a fabric addict, a fabric connoisseur.  I like to look at it, pet it, smell it, roll around on the floor in it, and watch the piles of it grow and shrink on my shelves as I take beautiful piles of fabric and turn them into new creations to clothe my children and myself.  As soon as I saw the previews for Art Gallery's Lavish line by Katarina Roccella, I knew that I had to have it.

This line is bright, vibrant, and radiates the colors of summer.  But even with the rich tones and hues the line has an understated elegance and makes me think of English country gardens and Monet paintings.  If you are on the fence about whether or not you like 'floral' prints, this is the line to push you over the edge into the 'I LOVE florals' camp.

Now I have been sewing AG fabrics for the past few years and always love them.  But this time I was swooning.  If it is possible, the texture and hand of the fabric have gotten better.  When they say 'feel the difference' they mean it!  This line feels almost like poplin, with a smooth crisp finish and stunning drape.   It holds a pressing, doesn't wrinkle, and has almost no shirnkage.  It was simply a dream to sew.

I really put this fabric to the test as I sewed up these outfits.  Pintucks, single and double fold bias tape, button holes, puff sleeves, gathered drapey skirt.  It handled every request I made of it perfectly.  It was soft and delicate when I wanted it to be and sharp and polished when it was required.  It molded itself into these garments with no tears from me, no cursing, no seam ripping or frustration.  Just easy sewing that made me smile and want to sew again.

Thank you to the Art Gallery Team for letting me sew up my newest pattern in this stunning collection.  I can't wait to get more!  You will be able to get the Day Dreamer Romper and Dress Pattern from Winter Wear Designs next week.