One Thimble Issue 12 Blog Tour: Day 3

Raise your hand if you have already gotten Issue 12 of One Thimble!?!?!?  EEEEEK - what are you making first???  Today as I was browsing through the magazine for the umpteenth time, I really started paying attention to the gorgeous flat lays - and realized that my own flat lays are falling -well FLAT ;op  This is something I really want to start working on more as my kids are going to school.  I have no excuses, I have back drops, I have the equipment, I am sure I can start finding fun accessories - becasue this is what I am noticing can make or break an amazing flat lay.  I love being inspired by this magazine, and the community of women that made it possible!

If you are still on the fence, check out the sneak peek for a look inside the magazine.

Ok - on to today's Blog tour participants!!!  We have House of Estrela, Sunflower Seams, and Stitches by Laura all bringing you some awesome eye candy today!

Don't miss any of the stops of the tour!