New Years REVOLUTION: Sewing for a New Job

Just before the end of the year, my daughter asked me if I was going to make a New Years Revolution.  I laughed and corrected her that it was a New Years "resolution" but it got me thinking.  Why not a revolution? Instead of just making a promise to do it, I imagine marching towards the new year and my goals, fists in the air, demanding I do the things I set out to do.  After all, new year goals are always something important and worthwhile.  So that is what this week is about.  Our New Years REVOLUTION; the things we are doing and working towards and accomplishing for ourselves. This weeks posts are all inspired by our team members and their own personal revolutions and how our sewing is helping us to win those personal revolutions.  We hope you enjoy them and are inspired to have a revolution of your own. Today, we are sharing Erica's New Year Revolution.  


Hi! It’s Erica again from Lollipops & Paisley. This time, I’m here for me. I started a new job as we all started the new year. I need clothes that look good but move with me as I sit in the floor and play with preschoolers. I always look at Patterns for Pirates when I need comfy clothes. The Peg Legs are always awesome! I also absolutely LOVE Judy’s Straight Palazzos! I have two pairs in my closet already… While I do already have two Pumpkin Spice Dolmans (PSDs) in my closet, they used the curved hemline and knits that feel more like hanging out clothes instead of work clothes.

I found this awesome polyester knit on the clearance table for $3 a yard and snatched up the remaining 3.5 yards. I had more than a enough for a new PSD. If you got the PSD way back when it very first released, you may not realize it updated last January. I love the fit! The banded version even looks great with jeans for casual Fridays! Oh, and if you love do matching outfits with the mini… there’s a girl’s version too! Who doesn’t love new clothes for the new year? Head over to Patterns for Pirates and pick up the Pumpkin Spice Dolman, Spice Cake, or grab the Pumpkin Spice Cake Bundle!