New Years REVOLUTION: Sewing for Vacations

We are continuing to highlight our teams New Years REVOLUTIONS this week with Kim and her goal to take more vacations.  That is a revolution I could get behind!  She stepped out of her comfort zone to sew up a bag to carry all of those "must haves" that you take along with you on vacation and her bunny adorned duffle is about as cute as can be!


Hi!  I am Kim from Better Dressed Child.  New Year's Resolutions are something I almost never keep.  This year I made it EASY.  Take more vacations.  Summer vacations specifically.

My sewing goal to help meet my resolution was to make bags!  I am mostly a girls clothing sew-neista, so stepping outside of my comfort zone now and again can be fun and educational. For my New Years Revolution, I made the Dallas Duffle by Swoon Patterns.   

One thing with stepping outside of your comfort zone...time.  Yikes, bags take me forever.   The Dallas Duffle was not difficult by any means.  It just took me some time to figure it out.  The pieces did come together perfectly in the end.  The result was such a sweet bag and looked professional in my opinion.  

I used a quilters cotton, but I think my next bag will be something heavier.  I also used the 99 cent interfacing to cut costs on the project.   The first one I made took me hours, but the second third and fourth… they will be a breeze : )  We are a family of six.  So I better get sewing!