New Years REVOLUTION: Out with the old, and in with the new!

Nothing like the new year to get yourself motivated to declutter and replace worn out items.  Chris is starting her New Years Revolution but replacing a well-loved purse!


Happy New Year, readers!  (Can I say that if it’s more than halfway through January already?)  Chris here to share my New Year’s Revolution with you!  

See that tired, saggy old bag on the left?  I’ve had it for at least eight years.  I’ve purchased other bags over the years, but I kept going back to that one for some reason.  It’s dingy on the outside and disgusting on the inside.  The new bags I bought got used once or twice, but then sat in the closet.  My biggest goal for this year is to declutter my life and replace worn-out, un-used or out of date items with things that I love.  I decided to start with my purse.

I chose the Swoon Sydney Crossbody bag partly for its similarity to my old bag.  I know myself, and creature of habit that I am, I was afraid that if I went for a completely different style, I wouldn’t use it (though once I throw out my old bag, I won’t have a choice!).  I printed it at 90% because the dimensions listed in the pattern scared me (though I now think I would have liked that size as well).  I love that the adjustable strap gives the option of wearing it crossbody or just on one shoulder.  The outside has two cargo pockets, a front zippered pocket and a back slip pocket so that I can keep so many items easily accessible.  

The inside has another zippered pocket, but I decided to add a couple extra features as well.  While my days of needing to carry a diaper bag are dwindling down, I wanted an extra pocket inside for a pull-up and wipes so that I don’t need the full diaper bag just for quick trips.  To create it, I used the back slip pocket piece from the pattern and added a magnetic snap.  I also added a removable elastic loop to hold a small thermos upright, as well as a clip for my keys.  

All in all, I’m quite pleased with my new bag.  Swoon Patterns are top notch, and sewing something that I’ll get so much use out of gives me so much satisfaction.  I hope that you’ve been inspired to update something of your own!