Halloween Sewing: Hocus Pocus featuring patterns from Made for Mermaids and Foo Foo Threads

I put a SPELL ON YOU!!!

Each year my girls and I dress up in our most fabulous witchy wear and go into all these fun quaint shops, take fun photos by all the different witches they have set up, and each lunch in the same place each year. This is our one weekend in October we let loose and have a fun girls day out.

This year I wanted to do something special and we are Hocus Pocus 24/7 once October 1st hits so Winifred and Sarah are what was requested.

These two dresses really pushed my creativity to the max as I tried to create as close to the movie dresses as possible and here is what I created.


Patterns used:

Bodice: Made for Mermaids Sophie and Rapunzel 

Skirt: Made for Mermaids Rapunzel, Juliette, Jasmine and Molly 

Cloak: Made for Mermaids Kelli and Hooded Caplet 



Patterns used:

Yes: I know looking at that you are like oh my goodness!! The end result speaks for itself so amazing and really makes for a one of a kind dress. The skirt I cut half circle, full circle, and quartered the circle. I used the molly to help create a maxi length with my Rapunzel center portion.

All the fabrics can be found at Joann.

I had a blast playing with different textures, colors, and I even hand-dyed some fabric which was so much fun to create my own textile.

I hope you enjoy the Lil Sanderson Sisters as much as my girls enjoyed transforming into Winifred and Sarah.