Christmas Gifts featuring patterns from My Childhood Treasures

Hi everyone! It’s Kimberlee from Harper Creek Boutique! Sewing around the holidays is very limited for me with two little ones and with one of them being a December baby. However, I wanted to find some quick and practical patterns I could make for Christmas and birthday gifts. Let’s get started!

My girls started Mother’s Day Out this fall and between the two of them, they have four teachers. The Makeup Brush Roll by My Childhood Treasures fit my criteria of being practical, unique and a fast sew. I was thrilled that I was able to use scraps to make this makeup brush roll. If you want to pick up fat quarters, it only takes two! There are two sizes you can make depending on your makeup brush size.  I made the smaller size for 7” brushes. Because this pattern used such little fabric and could be made in 20 minutes, I decided to make them for the children in my girls classes! They fit crayons perfectly! Go grab this FREE pattern and get some family/friends checked off your Christmas gift list!   

My oldest daughter is turning four next week. I can’t believe it! Currently, her favorite hobby is baking. She is in the kitchen every day begging to make a new sweet treat or help with dinner. When I saw that My Childhood Treasures had a children’s apron (and dolly and adults too!), I knew this would be the perfect gift for her. I love that the apron has an elastic neckband and those cute double ruffles. I chose not to do the pocket, but it’s adorable! I can’t wait to surprise Brylee!  For the baker/chef in your life, try making a handmade apron, and you might just get something delicious in return ;)