Sewing for Christmas featuring patterns from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, Jalie and Made for Mermaids

Hello! Heather from All Things Katy!, here! Today, I’m sharing some of this year’s Christmas makes. (How is already almost Christmas?!?)

First up, my daughter’s Christmas dress. I like to make her at least one special Christmas dress for the season. Though, I won’t lie- I’ve been known to make more than one special dress per holiday… ;-) I scored this GORGEOUS Michael Miller fabric at a local children’s consignment sale back in August and I’ve been saving it just for this occasion. Because Missy prefers to wear knits over woven (any day of the week) but I wanted to showcase that GORGEOUS Michael Miller woven fabric, the Made for Mermaids Brooklyn bodice mashed with the Ainsley skirt was exactly what we needed! The best of both worlds- red knit bodice with fun, green woven skirt. Simple, sweet, vintage-y. #Christmaswin!


Next up, Christmas PJs! Or, in our case, whatever-she’s-into-at-the-time PJs. It’s our family tradition to always allow Missy to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve. Every year it’s a new pair of PJs. That way, she gets to open something AND she looks cute in all those Christmas morning pictures. ;-) I’ve started theming the PJs around something my daughter is into at the time. That way, years down the road, I can look back at pictures and remember all the “stages’ and fun things she was into at that time. This year, it’s Wonder Woman (technically, that was last year, too. But, ya’ know…). So…..this year I decided to be adventurous and sew up a whole nighttime ensemble- not just PJs! I sewed up the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop’s Comfy Cozy Robe, Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop’s Sugar Plum Nightgown and Jalie’s 2318 Slippers (from the Winter Fleece Accessories). After an afternoon of madly sewing, I finished all three articles of clothing in record time. Whew- it feels good to have that done so early in the season! (P.S. Since Missy was kind enough to model these items BEFORE Christmas Eve, she’ll be unwrapping a matching nightgown and robe for her American Doll, Samantha, Christmas Eve. #twinsies! ;)

Merry Christmas!