Christmas Gifts: Little Lizard King Tent and Mini Tent

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  I love the magic in the air, the friendly smiles on everyone’s faces, and the excitement that builds up before Christmas morning.  With three kids (ages 3, 6, and 11), we are right in the thick of “Christmas Magic” at our house.  

I have been wanting to try the Little Lizard King teepee tent and doll tent for quite some time now.  My girls love tents - it’s a great spark for imaginative play, or a quiet place to read.  The perfect little doll tent just makes these even more special.  We’ll be moving to a house with a little more space soon, and my girls will have a playroom for the first time.  I have seen teepee tents just like these for sale from upscale home decor brands - at a pretty penny.  I love how they add to a child’s play space, but couldn’t justify the price.  

The LLK tents were simple to make, and although they do take some yardage, it is still a fraction of the name brand prices.  They do require a trip to the hardware store, but I found PVC pipes already cut to the correct length...easy-peasy.  Plus, when you make your own you get to choose your fabric!  I wanted something bright and cheery, and found the perfect prints at Wal-Mart (which helped keep my cost down).  

I can’t wait to see my girls’ faces on Christmas morning.  I may sew up some dolly clothes to hide in the tents as an extra surprise!  Here’s to wishing you all a very happy holiday season!!