Mom and Me Otium Tops by Sofilantjes Patterns

I like wearing bows, but they don’t look as good in my hair as they do in my girls hair, so when I saw the bow-back option on the otium pattern I knew I needed it in my life! My 6yo has a dress code she will not break: her clothes must be comfy! So, I usually dress her in knit tunics and leggings, again the otium pattern is a perfect addition to her wardrobe because it is made from knit fabrics!

I was excitedly showing her the cover photos to this pattern and describing how cute I think it is and she said “I will not wear that”. I was so surprised and explained to her she could wear it with her leggings. Then she said, “it will be too cold with that hole in the back.” So, I quickly showed her that is really not a problem because the pattern has options, it can be made with short, ¾ or long sleeves! Then, she was excited by the idea of all of us girls wearing matching shirts!

I love that I can match my girls. Someday, hopefully not very soon, they won’t want to match each other or me, but for now they do and I happily oblige. Now, I’m not sure I could get away with the same red bow fabric my girls are wearing, so I made my coordinate in a black modal knit. Plus, now that I have a cute black top I can wear it out on date night too! My other favorite thing about this pattern is that the bow pattern piece is constructed so perfectly that the bow fits into the neckline perfectly! I did it three times in three different sizes and it fit perfectly every time!