Sew Yourself Some Love-Isla Bikini for Laela Jeyne Patterns

Teronia here,  joining you from Sew Haute Blog where I sew up inspiration for the self-taught seamstress and I'm super excited to be a part of the Sew Yourself Some Love series at Pattern Revolution. Self-love is something that has really hit close to home for me this month. Essentially, I've gotten to the point where my stress and anxiety are hindering my relationships and overall well-being. This has forced me to really evaluate what I am doing and how it contributes to my anxiety, so I took a much-needed self-assessment and decided to SHOW myself some love and care. I am going to fuel my body better, get adequate sleep (REALLY big for me) and I did a little research and found some natural supplements to help me cope with the day to day pressure that I place on myself and those around me. I'm also going to do some sort of physical activity at least once a week AND take breaks instead of working myself into an over-achieving frenzy because between work, school and a family I am a haute mess.

That brings me to my self-love sew: I modified the Isla Bikini Pattern by Laela Jeyne to make myself a bikini. I loved the high waist bottoms and was looking to do something like a picture that I found on Pinterest.

The Isla Bikini Pattern has options for a bikini, high waist, ultra high waist and skirt overlay bottoms and one top option. I did the high waist option. I did end up cutting the rise down until I was satisfied.  It already had a crossover front, but I wanted it to wrap around like the picture so I sort of reversed the front and back making the back solid and the front the tie portion. It took about 4 muslins to get it right and I still need to make some improvements, but I think it's flattering and more importantly I felt cute.

Now, why would I sew myself a bikini in February, you ask? Yes, I am state-side so, it is "winter" here. Well, I did it for two reasons: 1. I am going to learn to swim this summer and 2. I am eliminating my self-imposed stress, remember? If I didn't get it done now, waaaay before I needed it then it wouldn't get done...or I would drive myself crazy trying to get it done and end up pulling an all-nighter to have it done the day before swim class started, thus ruining my adequate sleep routine (biggie on my list of self care).

Well, how do swim lessons factor into self-love/care? First, swimming is easily a fun weekly activity that will help me strengthen my body (checked off my list) and secondly, I want to "take breaks" by actually going on vacations where I am not simply doing the same things that I would do at home in another place. Last year my sister posted a video of herself jumping off of a cliff into water IN JAMAICA! It looked absolutely amazing! I want to jump off of cliffs in (insert any tropical locale), however, that would be my last jump ever if I don't completely learn to swim. And remember, I am taking "breaks" right?! Not only that, but I am making MY dreams and goals a priority. Learning to swim is on my bucket list, but I don't plan to wait until I 'm dying to do it. Dude, it's swim lessons! What is there to lose? I'm already like 25 years behind the curve. So, why not start right now, today? 

What is it that you need or even simply want to do, but you don't have enough time, it's too selfish or you are too scared to do for yourself? I guarantee you that no one around you will feel like you are being selfish. They will see you actually caring for yourself and it will make them respect you even more. A wise person takes care of his own house first because a burned out mama, wife, friend, sister, daughter and woman is no good to anyone. So, take care of yourself. 

We would love to see any of your self-love makes in the Pattern Revolution facebook group and thanks so much for stopping by! XOXOXO - Teronia