Sew Yourself Some Love-Agility Tank by 5 out of 4 Patterns

Hi everyone, Lisa here from Not Sew Selfish.  Sew Yourself Some Love is my favourite week of the year here at Pattern Revolution. I do a lot of sewing for myself, but I love seeing my fellow reviewers come out from behind the camera and sew beautiful things for themselves too.  I hope you’ve found something here this week to inspire you to sew for yourself.

I make a lot of dresses, skirts, and tops, so for this SYSL week, I thought I’d do something with a double self-care benefit - sewing for the gym.  I’ve been making more time in my week for exercise lately, and it definitely makes me feel better all day when I start the day with a good workout.  That moment when the alarm goes off at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to go to the gym before work is alway tough, so I’m hoping that sewing up something that I’ll look forward to wearing will give me that extra little bit of motivation.

I’ve used the Agility Tank pattern from 5 out of 4 patterns to make this combined sports bra and tank.  I love using bright colours and bold prints for the workout gear, and this spandex from Boo Designs was perfect.  This is actually swimwear fabric, and the pattern is designed as either a workout top or swimwear top, so I even though I’ve made it for the gym, it could end up as a swimming tankini top.  


I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while, and had planned to make the higher full tank cut line, but when I made it, it just didn’t work for me at all - it hid my shape in a way that made me look much bigger.  I tried again the the lower “skin showing” option of the two tank cuts, which is what you see here, and it works much better for me.  It’s amazing the difference the right choice of options in a pattern can make for how well something works for you or not.