Cassie and Mama Cassie from Made for Mermaids

Today we are chock full of love for the Cassie and Mama Cassie from Made for Mermaids. Weatherly made an adorable Mommy/Daughter set and Tasha sewed up a great siblings set for her girls.  Rebecca made hers suitable for a night on the town with her daughter.  Hope you enjoy all of the versions below. 

Weatherly's Mommy/Daughter version:

I’m not sure you can say “starting the new year off with a bang” when it’s already February, but I’ll go with it anyway!  I was so excited that I got to sew up the new Cassie and Mama Cassie from Made for Mermaids.  I rarely get to sew for myself and who doesn’t love matching mommy/daughter outfits?!  

For my Mama Cassie version, I decided to do the separates hack from the Made for Mermaids blog where you create a crop top with the bodice and a banded skirt from the skirt piece.  What I loved about the crop top hack is that you can customize the length to be where you want it and based on how much skin you want to show!  I decided to do the off-the-shoulder look for my bodice and the cold shoulder for my daughter’s so I could try it both ways.  A little hint: when putting your bodice together make sure you mark the back bodice piece with a wonder clip or something until it’s time to put the neckband on.  Just trust me on this - it will make your life a whole lot easier!

For my daughter’s Cassie, I did the crop top and skirt as well but with the cold shoulder bodice.  One of my resolutions this year, at least in regards to sewing, is that I was going to use a twin needle even if it killed me!  Good news: it didn’t kill me!!  If you haven’t tried out your twin needle yet, now is the perfect time.  I promise it’s not as intimidating as it seems, and the Cassie pattern would be a great way to check that off your list.  Cassie made a great outfit for my daughter because it was comfy, and it had the freedom for her to run around the park.  

Cassie and Mama Cassie create very flattering outfits, have multiple hacks so that you can make different pieces all from one (or two if  you get both) pattern(s), and they sew up beautifully!

Tasha also made the Cassie for her two girls.  Here is what she had to say...

Let’s be honest, sewing for girls is so much fun, plus there are tons of options out there.  And in my humble opinion, the next best thing to sewing up Mommy and me outfits is making sibling outfits!  This time it was for my girls and the Cassie pattern from Made for Mermaids was right on time and on trend.  

My oldest daughter loves pockets, so anytime I can sew her anything with pockets we are both very happy.  Truthfully, I’m not sure why she needs them, but she’s Three so there’s that.  She picked out the fabric and asked for a dress with sleeves.  Of course, as soon as she tried it on with the long sleeves she decided she didn’t like them but that was an easy change.  She was quite happy with the dress length, although the cold shoulder look did give her a little trouble when dressing herself.  But once it was on she was in love and didn’t want to take it off so I could hem it.  

For my youngest daughter, I went with the peplum top option and omitted the pockets.  She’s getting the hang of this walking thing and the peplum length was just right for her.  The bodice provides a loose and comfortable fit without being baggy so it was a great option for her as it doesn’t restrict her movements as she explores.  

Although the cold shoulder look does make the bodice of this pattern distinctive, I like that it can be mashed with several other patterns from Made for Mermaids to get different looks and even be lengthened to make it a top.  The girls are enjoying their new outfits and being able to dress alike while letting their personalities shine.  

Rebecca's Mommy/Daughter Version