Sew Your Suitcase Full! Sewing for Vacation: Mexico

Today we are excited to bring our first "Sew Your Suitcase Full" feature post about sewing for vacation.  We hope you enjoy it!

I don't think you have to be a designer or a seamstress, to appreciate the beauty and details that go into each singing doll on Disney's “It's A Small World” ride. I rode it a couple of times over Christmas Vacation, each time hoping to see a bit more of the magic and hoping to understand the design element that created each tiny but thorough look. I walked away from the ride, fully understanding its mission-that at the end, we are all alike. But I also had this sense of paying respect to the elements and the art that creates, sometimes just subtle differences in various countries clothing designs.

With Sew Your Suitcase Full, we plan to share ideas to create looks that highlight different destinations in our country and around the world. Join me, as I take you through my Mexican Riviera vacation and it's inspired looks. Fabric sponsored generously by Art Gallery Fabrics and Ana Davis Designs for Blend Fabrics.

Happy Sewing!

-Merav Ruthman @ Baby Hobbes Design