Spring Skirt Collection by Violette Field Threads

Today we are featuring the new Spring Skirt Collection by Violette Fields Threads.  Our team did the entire collection and we can't wait to show it off!  The collection includes 3 skirts: the Willow, a suspender skirt with a faux button-placket front and pockets; the Scarlett, an overskirt with a petti skirt; and the Hazel, a skirt with an optional apron or pinafore.  We matched them with top patterns from Violette Field Threads and we think they are just perfect for spring! Here are our versions:

Willow Skirt with Mae Petti Skirt and the Madelyn Top Sewn By Weatherly

Scarlett Skirt and Madelyn Top with the Scarlett Doll Skirt Sewn by Kari


Hazel Skirt and Lavinia Top Sewn By Kimberlee

Hazel Pinafore Skirt and Allie Top Sewn by Ellen

The Willow Skirt and Willow Doll Skirt Sewn By Rachel