Giving Back...

I am so excited to be announcing a giving back project that we are starting today! In yesterday's post, we announced that we are starting to sell digital cut files under our Pink Gnome Designs store.  I love my silhouette machine and love making shirts, signs, wine glasses and many other items out of heat transfer and adhesive vinyl.  I've been toying with the idea of selling designs that incorporate sewing, crafting and sarcasm (and some of my other favorite things!) for awhile and decided that now is the time.  I hope that you will love them and I am always open to ideas or requests for designs! 

Another idea that I have been thinking about for awhile is how to give back in a way that supports our mission of inspiring and supporting sewing, and also that does good.  The sewing community as a whole is so supportive. I've seen it in the support of people rallying around each other when someone is in need; I've seen it in the willingness of the sewing community to assist, inspire and go out of their way for each other; and I've seen it in the support I've gotten while transitioning over to running this blog.  I wanted to do a project that gives back in a way that honors the sewing community and also supports women. While Christmas shopping this past year, I found the Preemptive Love Coalition and decided to give some gifts with meaning by buying from them.  While I was browsing their catalog, I found the option to purchase a sewing kit and when I was thinking of ways to give back, I knew this was a perfect fit.  The website describes the kit as a way to "Help more women find a means of supporting their families. Provide a sewing machine and help bring life and hope—one stitch at a time." I think that is a great way to honor our community and give back in a meaningful way, so I am donating the first $150 in sales of the digital cut files to purchase one of the sewing kits.  

I am very excited about the giving back project and about our new products, and I hope you are too! I have 10 designs listed currently (2 of them are free with a code from the Little Lizard King Facebook group) and I will be adding several more.  We will also start offering pre-cut Heat Transfer Vinyl of our designs for those of you who would like to make something with the designs but do not have a cutting machine in about a week.  

Thank you to everyone for your continued support as Pattern Revolution grows and expands!