Sewing for Easter: Easter Baskets by Little Lizard King

Today we are continuing to sew our way towards Easter with these adorable baskets from Little Lizard King. What a great way to make a treasured gift to use year after year.  Plus, they would look adorable with an embroidered or heat transfer vinyl monogram or name on them.  Rebekah made one for each of her children below:

I have always wanted to make Easter baskets for the kids but couldn’t find a pattern I liked and lacked motivation.  This year I was determined to change that!  That being said I needed a simple pattern that was a quick sew, as time is not something I have much of these days.  When I saw this basket tutorial by Little Lizard King, I just knew this would work. And it worked great!  This was a simple and fast pattern and I was able to make four baskets pretty quickly, well sort of.  Sewing with a baby means little spurts here and there.  

Now this tutorial is really made for non directional fabric but there are instructions on how to make it work with directional fabric.  This worked perfectly for me as I could make each basket personal for each of my kids. They all have an animal that they have loved from the time they were little. Elephants for Canaan, Owls for Zion, Horses and Rabbits for Ruth, and Swans for Abigail.  Needless to say I have fabrics that I have gotten over the years but couldn’t decide what to make with them.  This was absolutely perfect!!  These will last forever and hopefully be treasured by each of my kiddos.  Now time to fill them for Easter!  I can’t wait for them to see their baskets (shhhh, it’s a surprise!).