Deer Creek Dress by New Horizons

We are continuing our week of spring dresses today with the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress from New Horizons Designs. Trisha made this version and the color and fit are perfect for her! Are you inspired to sew for spring yet? Follow along all week to see the rest of the series! 

I have been eyeing the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress from New Horizon’s for a while now.  I have seen a lot of similar dresses pop up in local boutiques and I wanted to recreate the look with some of my scrumptious double brushed poly.  I did end up lengthening the bodice by an inch and the skirt by an inch and a half to accommodate for my height.  At almost 6 feet tall, this is a standard adjustment I have to make to all patterns.  I wish I would have  lengthened the bodice by 2 inches to get it to billow out over the elastic waist a little more.  This is when I remember that I should always make a muslin before cutting into my good fabric.  So learn from my mistake and make a muslin first!  

This dress went together quite quickly and was an easy sew.  I like that the top and bottom are different pieces.  This makes adjusting for your body quite easy.  I am a pear shape and am much smaller on the top than the bottom.  I was able to do the smaller top, and then the larger bottom to get the perfect fit.  I think the next one I make I will try the straight hem version, instead of the curved hem.  My oldest daughter saw it and is now begging me for one for her.  Luckily there is a matching kid’s pattern, so I can get that and make her one as well!