Maximize May: The Isabelle Dress by Made for Mermaids and The Tidal Dress by Love Notions

Today os the final day of our Maximize May feature and we are going out with two more AMAZING dresses: The Isabelle Dress from Made for Mermaids and the Tidal Dress from Love Notions.  We hope you've enjoyed the series as much as we have and that you are inspired to Maximize your wardrobe as well!

I just wanted to start out by saying that I love Maxi dresses, and so when Maximize May was thrown around as a feature I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Maxi dresses are so versatile, great for layering all year round and always make me feel classy with all that pretty fabric swishing around my legs.

I opted to make the Isabelle Dress by Made for Mermaids. I do love a good wrap dress and was excited to give it a go. I love this dress. It’s perfect for adding a little bit of sexy to your wardrobe without being too immodest. As a naturally clumsy person who trips over her own feet walking along, I like the tulip style skirt that means I don’t catch myself on the hemline walking along, and whilst you wouldn’t realise it from pictures, the way the dress wraps up means that once the wrap is all tied, you are not going to have a wardrobe malfunction should the tie accidentally come apart whilst wearing.

I’ve used a gorgeous Italian viscose jersey for this dress. I purchased it back in January and promised myself I would use it and not just hoard it like I tend to do with fabrics I love. It is perfect for this dress and I love that the Isabelle pattern has bought my fabric to life.

I find Made for Mermaids patterns highly reliable when it comes to size and there are always a ton of pictures for each pattern on their website on ladies of all different shapes and sizes. I will be making so many more Isabelle’s and highly recommend this dress if you too decide to get your maxi on in May.

Happy Sewing,


Warmer weather is sneaking up quickly!  At the change of season I usually panic because I feel like I don’t have anything to wear!  I’m so grateful for super fast patterns to get me over that hump!  

Love Notions’ Tidal Dress was perfect for starting my new Spring wardrobe!  Of course, as with all Love Notions patterns, you can expect tons of options; the Tidal is no different.  I love the length options, but my favorite part is the attention to detail in creating 3 sleeve options (tank, sleeveless and sleeved).  Also included are bands and binding options for the arms and neckline.

Something that makes the Tidal unique is princess seam down the front.  The dress wraps from the back and around to form the princess seam.  There’s no side panel.  I love this design and it makes the construction a breeze!  It also creates a very flattering shape!  I am 4’11” on a good day and have had 2 giant babies.  Having dedicated points for bust, waist and hip adjustments help to get the fit spot on and helps me to adjust areas around my mid-sections where I’m more self conscious.

So give the Tidal Dress a try when starting your Spring wardrobe!  It will definitely be a staple in mine!