Jalie Sportswear-New Patterns for Your Active Life!

When it comes to active lifestyles, our team is all in!  We love to sew for the many activities our families take part in or just for everyday wear (because let's face it, my yoga pants have seen Target more often than a yoga studio!) These new release Jalie patterns are perfect for your active lifestyle and your active family.  Today we are showing off the Violeta, Loulouxe, Gigi, Valerie, Pika, Isabelle and Niko.  


Rachel sewed up this Violeta for her little dancer.  Violeta is an open back leotard with an optional skirt.  Perfect for your little ballerina!

Gigi, Valerie and Loulouxe

Marnie and Katy made a play date out of their Gigi Bikinis, Loulouxe Skorts and Valerie Swim Shirts.  These girls are just adorable and the patterns will cover all of your beach and swim needs!

Pika and Isabelle

If your girl does double duty at the barre and at bat, you can cover all your bases with the Pika and Isabelle.  

Gigi Bikini

The kiddos shouldn't have all the fun, so Maryanna is joining in with her Gigi Bikini.

Pika and Isabelle

Tasha sewed this version of the Pika and Isabelle.  She is sure to be the envy of the entire gym in this energized outfit!


Because the guys should have some fun too, Maryanna sewed up this Niko

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