Sew Ready for Summer: Boundless Dress by Patterns for Pirates, Taylor Shorts and Crossback Top by Greenstyle Creations

Today is our third installment of the Sew Ready for Summer features.  Today we are featuring the Boundless Dress by Patterns for Pirates as well as the Taylor Shorts and Crossback Top by Greenstyle Creations.  Make sure to follow along as we continue showing off patterns this week to help you get Sew Ready for Summer!

Boundless Dress by Patterns for Pirates: 

My oldest daughter has been asking me for a long, to-the-floor maxi dress for years now.  She’s always been tall for her age, and now she’s grown out of most children’s patterns and has moved into women’s.  With summer vacation in full effect, our family will be spending time at some of our favorite beach restaurants, and I wanted to make her something that she would feel beautiful (and comfortable) in for the occasions.  Patterns for Pirates Boundless dress was the perfect choice!  

The pattern is easy and quick, and I love how different it can look with tank vs. sleeves, short vs. long, etc.  It is so versatile!  The instructions are thorough and informative, and the fit is good.  The next one that I make for my daughter will have a higher neckline, as I prefer a little more modesty (one of the challenges of wearing larger sizes at a young age).  However, I’m happy with the outcome - it makes her feel special, and will be perfect for enjoying surfside breezes and ocean sunsets.

Taylor Short and Crossback Top by Greenstyle Creations: 

We look forward to summer around here because it not only brings plenty of sunshine but lots of playtime outside and trips to the beach.  I love that the Greenstyle Creations Taylor Shorts paired with the Crossback Top make the perfect outfit for park playdates or traveling in comfort and style.  

For my Taylor shorts, I chose a lightweight denim for my fabric, went with the extended tab option on the waistband, and cut a 4” inseam based on my height and preference.  The pattern includes options for 2,5,or 8” inseam and can be done with a flush or extended waistband tab.  The fit on these shorts are very comfortable and I especially like how there is plenty of room in the thigh without being baggy.  I typically have to grade out a size in the thigh based on my body shape and measurements but not with this pattern.  The instructions are well done with plenty of pictures and there is even a video to assist with the zipper.  

The Crossback Top was a great compliment to the Taylor shorts.  The top can be made with knit or woven fabrics and because I went with a knit, I sized down per the pattern recommendation.  Although the back is open, it is constructed in such as way that I was not worried about a nice breeze unintentionally showing anything.  I cut the “more coverage” option but there is cut line for a more exposed look and you can also wear a tank underneath if you choose.  I was cool and comfortable in this outfit and sew ready for summer.