Sew Ready for Summer: Patterns #S504 and #S507 by My Childhood Treasures and The Tammy Tulip Shorts by The Simple Life Pattern Co and Sew Caroline

We are continuing with our Sew Ready for Summer series with swim wear patterns #S504 and #S507 from My Childhood Treasures and the Tammy Tulip shorts by The Simple Life Pattern Company and Sew Caroline.  These features will run the rest of the week and continue to offer lots of summer time sewing options.  Make sure to keep checking back!

Pattern #S504 and #S507 by My Childhood Treasure:

My kids are still in school for another ten days, so it’s not *officially* summer for us yet, but temperatures are in the nineties (Fahrenheit) this week and it’s high time I get started sewing swimwear for my kiddos. I decided to start with Miss P, since she can be a little tougher to fit, and I sewed up two different patterns from My Childhood Treasures - the top is #S507 and the bottoms are #S504. Both patterns include more than one view, but I sewed the tankini style top with flounce and the paneled bottoms.

I used swim fabric from Peek-a-Boo Fabric Shop, and fully lined the bottoms but not the top. The top calls for binding around the neckline and for the strap, but I used wide (1”) fold-over elastic instead. I sewed a size 6 for Miss P, based on her measurements, and extended the length of the top and the rise of the bottoms just a touch to accommodate her height. The fit is great! She loves this suit and will be getting more of them for sure - store bought suits just don’t fit her very well, and I’m thrilled to be able to sew them for her.

Until next time, Rachel

Tammy Tulip shorts by The Simple Life Pattern Company and Sew Caroline:

I love summer!!  One of my favorite things about summer is shorts!  I don’t have to add any extra length, I can just sew and go.  My summer mom-iform consists of shorts, a comfy tee, my big white sunnies, flip flops, and my favorite fedora.  The preppier the shorts, the better, which leads me to my other summer love - seersucker!  The Tammy Tulip shorts by Simple Life Pattern Co and Sew Caroline are perfect for both.  

I made my pair from a green seersucker with salmon pom pom trim, and Miss 9’s pair from blue seersucker with yellow trim.  These shorts are sew easy that I cannot stop making them!  I’ve made half a dozen pairs already!  I’ve not made any Sew Caroline patterns prior to the ladies Tammy’s shorts, but based on the drafting and fit of these, I have been missing out.  There’s no pulling or pooling or modifications needed to get a good fit with these.  They have a generous 3.5” inseam without adding any trim, and include a lengthen shorten line for the rise as well as the inseam.  They really are sew-and-go!  Simple Life Pattern Co has always been a reliable source for pieces my girl likes, so it’s no surprise that the girls’ Tammy’s are a hit for her.  The girl’s shorts feature a flat front waistband, which she really likes.  She also likes coordinating with her mom, which is always a win!  Then again, there’s no losers when it comes to these shorts!