Sew Ready for Summer: The Amsterdam Dress by Little Lizard King and The Vanessa Fluid Pants by Jalie

Today is the fifth day of our Sew Ready for Summer series.  We are featuring the Amsterdam dress by Little Lizard King and the Vanessa Fluid Pants by Jalie.  Make sure to check back  tomorrow for our final Sew Ready for Summer feature!

The Amsterdam Dress by Little Lizard King:

Hi everyone, it’s Brooke from idlesunshine and I LOVE SUMMER!! Too bad it is actually Winter right now in Australia… ;-)  Despite that minor detail, we braved the cold and we are featuring the sweet Amsterdam Dress by Little Lizard King today.

The Amsterdam includes sizes 12 months - 12 years in top, dress and maxi options. You can make a patchwork or a simple skirt like I have done and you can also create a chevron bodice with striped fabric with the help of the included template.

I like the elastic back casing with tied straps at the back, it is a really cute design feature and cuts out the need for buttons and zips. I sized up as my girl measured in between sizes. I think the fit is great and with the elastic and adjustable straps she will get plenty of wear from this dress.

I used store bought single fold bias for the straps which was a great cheat, and I also used it to make some piping to match. It took a little extra time to add the piping but I knew the pop of colour would be worth it. I chose these bright cheery colours to contrast against the rainy Winter skies we have had hanging over us lately.

We headed to the beach for pictures which was very windy, but the sun popped out for a little bit which was a nice surprise. My girl had a ball and didn’t feel the cold at all as she chased the seagulls and ran around with her little sister.

I hope you are enjoying some sunshine wherever in the world you may be!

Brooke x

The Vanessa Fluid Pants by Jalie:

When the temperatures started heating up, the first thing I did was look for all the patterns I could find that would work with lightweight materials.  I’ve had my eye on these Jalie Vanessa Fluid Pants ever since they were released earlier this year!  How could you not???  They are joggers, designed for a lightweight woven - what’s better than that???

As with all Jalie patterns, the pattern is incredibly well drafted - the notches all line up and the pieces come together really nicely.  I love the small details included like the inset on the waistband (which is both a nice opportunity for colorblocking, and a way to ensure that the gathers on the waistband are not collecting right in the front of your pants), the darts in the back, and the stitching that runs through the waistband to hold it firmly in place.  You can see from the pictures that I initially left off the topstitching and drawstring, but I think it looks far more complete with those elements.

If you decide to tackle these pants - I have two recommendations.  First, make sure that if you leave the cuff off for view A, you confirm the inseam length is where you want it (I believe the inseam length is quoted including the cuff).  I am pretty short (5’2”), but all my length is in my legs (31.5”), so these pants without the cuff are somewhat shorter than I would like.  I ended up doing a very narrow hem, but I will certainly add length in my next pair (and possibly size down to a kids size Q vs a women’s size R).  And, second - most jogger patterns I have found don’t have terribly deep pockets.  I prefer to have them deep enough to hold my phone, while sitting, without falling out.  But that is personal preference and a SUPER easy fix!

All in - these pants are FABULOUS - and will get a ton of wear this Summer!  This rayon challis was dying to be turned into a pair of comfy pants and I’m happy it is no longer just fabric sitting on my shelf - but rather a beautiful garment hanging in my closet!