Shenanigans Skort and Kids Easy Tee by 5 out of 4 Patterns

Hey y’all, it’s Jackie, back to share my latest make with you - the Shenanigans Skort and the Kids Easy Tee from 5 Out Of 4 Patterns.  I have loved Jessica and Andrea of 5 Out of 4 fame since I first heard of them a couple years ago.  They were among the first to focus on athleisure patterns in the PDF world, and have been creating fantastic patterns all along.  The girl’s Shenanigans Skort and the Easy Kids Tee are no exceptions.  Miss 9 has been growing like a weed this year, but mostly in one direction - UP!  She is, as they say, all leg.  This presents challenges when it comes to school dress codes where all shorts or skirts must be fingertip length.  That’s fine for petite girls, but when you’re tall and have long arms, it can create a lot of stress.  That is, unless Mama sews.

The Kids Easy Tee is a great t-shirt pattern.  It has about every option you could imagine, all in one pattern.  For my purposes, I chose to do a simple crew neck tee with a curved hem.  According to her chest measurements, I cut a size 7, and the fit is spot on. All the pattern pieces print out precisely and align up perfectly.  The sleeves and the collar pieces rest beautifully and do not pull anywhere.   And best of all, it’s one of her few tees that does not risk exposing her belly when she reaches up.

The Easy Tee pairs perfectly with the Shenanigans Skort and allows the skort to be the focus.  I don't know about your girl, but mine is pretty rough and tumble.  Active girls need active wear that can move with ease and cover all their bits and pieces.  This pattern does all that.  We chose the mid-length skort with the flounce.  I chose her size based on measurements and did not add any length to the skirt.  With the flounce, the skort meets school dress code requirements as well as Miss 9’s clothing preferences.  She can run, jump, and even karate kick to her heart’s content.  

It’s safe to say that the Easy Tee and Shenanigans Skort are a hit in my house.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, Miss 9 has requested a Shenanigans Skort in swimwear and she is quite the taskmaster.