The Resort Collection by Violette Field Threads

This week we are doing a two part feature of the Resort Collection by Violette Field Threads.  Today we are featuring the Bridgette swimsuit, Pippa Bikini and the Samantha cover up.  Make sure to check back tomorrow to see the rest of the collection.  

Bridgette swimsuit and Samantha cover up:

Hey y’all, it’s Jackie.  Do y’all have as much trouble finding suitable swimsuits for your girls as I do for mine?  Store bought suits are just too skimpy on her, which is problematic when you swim as much as we do.  So I jumped at the chance to sew up the new Violette Fields Threads Bridgette swimsuit.  I was able to cut an entire one-piece suit from a remnant of swim fabric I got in a mystery pack from LDG Showroom last summer, with plenty to spare for a doll suit too.  The suit is great for lounging, but it’s also fantastic for active swimming.  The cut of the bottom makes it stay put as your girl splashes and dives.  Because who has time to adjust your suit when you’re focused on winning a cannonball contest?  

And when your girl needs to take a break or go on an errand, the Samantha coverup is a great option.  I made this one using black eyelet, and to be honest, I’m totally jealous of it.  It couldn’t have been easier, yet it looks sophisticated.  

Both pieces were not terribly time consuming, which is good because all daylight non-school hours are now spent poolside.  In fact, I’m being paged to judge a diving contest now.  Happy summer sewing!

Pippa bikini and Samantha cover up:

When the Violette Fields Threads Resort Collection released I just knew I HAD to have it! Nevermind that I had never sewn a swimsuit in my life… I had to eventually so why not now?!  Man, you guys, am I glad I did!  I chose to sew Pippa, the super cute two piece, with the ruffle skirt.  If you have never worked with swim before, be prepared to go slowly as this stuff is SLICK, but, the result is so worth it.  The directions were easy to follow and the tips at the beginning were great to go back to.  I love how cute it is actually on my and I’m thrilled that I made my daughter’s swimsuit myself.

I was also lucky enough to sew the Samantha cover up from the Resort Collection too.  I loved how quick a sew it was!  I decided to make it more of a stand alone top rather than a traditional cover up.  I used a lightweight cotton, added some fabulous trim, and voila, a perfect top for Summer!