Summer Selfie Sewing: Boho Breeze Romper by Winter Wear Designs and The Roadtrip Body Suit and Heat Wave Hot Pants by George and Ginger featuring fabric by Girl Charlee

We are sew exited to introduce a new series of posts this week!  This week the ladies are taking some time out to do something for themselves for a change, selfie sewing.  Even more fun is that this feature is sponsored by Girl Charlee fabrics.  Make sure to check back for the rest of the week to see the awesome creations that we've come up with some amazing patterns and amazing Girl Charlee fabrics!

Boho Breeze Romper by Winter Wear Designs featuring Girl Charlee Fuschia Cotton Spandex sewn by Rebecca:

I love wearing dresses, but I've noticed I have not been choosing the dresses out of my closet this summer. I have three small kids and wearing a dress just seems like too much work these days. So, I decided rompers are the perfect solution to this problem! I still feel fancy in a romper and it's easy to wear while chasing my kids around. In fact tonight I was playing frisbee with my kids while wearing my romper.

When I had the chance to do some selfie summer sewing this month the Boho Breeze from Winter Wear Designs was any easy choice. I love that the Boho Breeze has pockets so I can easily carry my keys and my phone. I also love that it is a super stylish off the shoulder romper; functional and stylish! There is also a knee and maxi dress length option and a girls version, if you're looking for mommy and me outfits.

Recently my favorite handmade outfits have been made from solid fabrics, and girl charlee has so many to choose from! Pink is my favorite color so it made choosing the fuschia cotton spandex an easy choice!

What kind of selfie sewing are you doing this summer?


The Roadtrip Body Suit and Heat Wave Hot Pants by George and Ginger featuring Girl Charlee's Pure Vintage Lotus Floral and Navy Faux Vegan Leather fabric sewn by Weatherly:

Hey Hey!  It’s Weatherly from Love and Lilies Designs!  For this selfie sewing challenge I really wanted to sew something that made me feel confident, beautiful, sexy; something that I could take on the world in.  So naturally, I chose two pieces from the George and Ginger Confidence Collection; The Roadtrip Body Suit and the Heat Wave Hot Pants.  For the Roadtrip Body Suit I decided to make the simple front with three quarter length sleeves and no crotch snaps.  

However, the pattern comes with an option for a lace up front, multiple sleeve options, and yes… even instructions for adding crotch snaps!  I don’t know about you but I have not worn a bodysuit since I was probably a tot but man I love this thing! It’s comfortable and flattering… what more could you ask for?! The Heat Wave Hot Pants have the option of a narrow waistband or a wide waistband.  I chose the wide waistband.  The pleats in the pants give them a sophisticated look and they went together quickly and easily.  The whole outfit together is true love!  When my husband took my pictures for this blog he said “you look gorgeous!”  And, I felt it!  

I was also lucky enough to get to pick out fabric from the fabulous Girl Charlee for this sewing endeavor! I went with Pure Vintage Lotus Floral Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric for the body suit, and I went really outside of my comfort zone with the Navy Blue Stretch Faux Vegan Leather Fabric for the hot pants.  I love the weight and stretch of both fabrics and the colors are stunning!  The stretch leather was easier to work with than I had anticipated too! It is a little slippery but with clips it was no problem and the back side is super soft so it’s comfortable to wear.  I’ll definitely be working more stretch leather into my outfits!