Scrap Swap 2017: Making Friendship Bracelets with Scraps

Our team has been busy using up the scraps they received as part of our Scrap Swap series and writing up some tutorials on how to use them.  Today Heather is showing us a fun project that uses scraps and gets the kids involved, so double the fun! Check out Heather's post below and then follow along with the series to see all of the fun projects the team has in store!

Hello! Heather from All Things Katy!, here! I’m sew excited to participate in Pattern Revolution’s Scrap Swap!

Each team member was assigned another member and we mailed off padded envelopes of fabric- no more than a yard but bigger than a 12” square. Then, we were challenged to create something fun, but not a garment. Soooo… here goes!

My Lil’ Miss will be starting a new school year, soon. Second.Grade. Already!! She’s nervous/excited to meet her new teacher, start a new year and learn lots of new things. Mostly, though, she’s anxious to see what friends she’ll have in her class. Nothing sweeter than having your bestie in class with you! :)

So, while we wait for class lists, I thought it would be fun for Missy to create some friendship bracelets for her friends. Missy was excited to receive our filled envelope of fabric scraps (Thanks, Rebekah! :). She happily sorted through them and selected *just the right* fabrics for each friend.

Then, Missy ripped the fabrics into strips. Lil’ Miss LOVED ripping through the fabrics!

She grouped the strips into sets of three and then braided them.

We sized the finished braids around Missy’s wrist and tied them off.

Next, she used colorful cardstock to create name cards for her friends.

We finished up the project by wrapping the finished braids around the colorful name cards and, ta-da!!- friendship bracelets!! Sew much fun!


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