Sewing Favorites: Disney Inspired Dresses

Everybody goes to Disney with their kids, right? Well, I never visited Disney World until I was 38 and a mom of two littles. I went back two years later with three littles and I was obsessed with sewing Disney themed items. Not all of those had to be Princess dresses, but everyday wear in fun Disney themed prints. So, not only did I fall in love with the parks and all those smiling faces, but I loved sewing for other littles so their trips would be amazing also. There are so many versatile patterns on the market that really allow you to take those “prints” and take them up a notch. Here are some of my favorites.

Little Lizard King:

Sedona By Little Lizard King

I recently made an Animal Kingdom themed dress in Jungle Book fabric using the Sedona pattern by Little Lizard King. I love how the dolman sleeves are a part of the bodice making it one step quicker. This dress pattern was super easy to print and directions clear and it sewed up super fast! The look, to me, had somewhat of a safari feel. It was perfect for this dress.

Trendsetter by Little Lizard King

The Trendsetter by Little Lizard King is another quick pattern that requires only cuts from a chart no pattern pieces. The option for the double layered simple skirt is my fave and the straps criss cross over the back and tie through loopers allowing for growth and a great fit. This rectangle bodice is a little longer than the Alyssa (shown later in this post) so if you have more of a print you want to highlight you have all the room.

Elise by Little Lizard King 

Elise dress is the staple for the “ellie style” dress with the halter ties and full skirt with fun ruffles. I made a Moana themed one for the newest Disney character!

Blue Ribbon by Little Lizard King

Blue Ribbon by Little Lizard King

Blue Ribbon by Little Lizard King is my absolute GO-TO dress pattern. I seriously wish I had kept count at how many of these I have made likely well over 500. I make them in all knit by modifying the skirt width to one SW as knit is wider and keep the length provided by the pattern. This is a fun sew once you get comfortable with the knit bodice. The bindings are easy to do. I add flutters and all the trims and pockets and sash/bodice work to get all my creative juices flowing.


Simple Life Pattern Company

Patricia by Simple Life Pattern Company

Patricia by Simple Life Pattern Company 

Another dress pattern I have recently fallen in love with is Patricia by Simple Life Pattern Company. It has a few length options and the modified high/low is super fast as the skirt is cuts no pattern piece and the bodice is easy to print, assemble, sew up rather quickly. I added a flutter on the second version that was easy to create. The sewing of the bodice uses the burrito method which I love as it provides a clean finish and the flutters tuck so nicely in there! I love how the bodice has room to allow detail trim work and the fun ruffle had an element of twirl.

Bella by Simple Life Pattern Company

Cora by Simple Life Pattern Company

Cora by Simple Life Pattern Company

My other two loves are Bella and Cora and work well as templates for Disney inspired sewing. Bella and Cora both have a variety of lengths. Using panels with the Bella dress is perfect if the size for the length works with the size of the panel. Many times it does as in this Beauty and the Beast panel. I also love Cora, and the high bodice and low back with criss cross ties is simple eye catching!  

Adelyn by Simple Life Pattern Company

Adelyn in all knit is one that is super twirly with the circle skirt and the gorgeous lined bodice and back tie is one all the girls love to wear and twirl for days. I used pricy custom knit in the bodice and used interlock for the skirt as that didn’t need the stretch.


Made for Mermaids:

Alyssa by Made for Mermaids

The Alyssa pattern by Made for Mermaids is one that is a must have as it has NO pattern pieces to print. I keep the cut chart taped on my wall making it a quick option. The bodice may be simple but it is stunning when you highlight the print or trims! I add bid ruffles, small ruffles, hem bands or simple rick rack just by editing the length in the cut chart using a little math!

Quinn by Made for Mermaids

Quinn by Made for Mermaids is another stunning dress. The shape of the bodice looks great on. It calls for a full ruffle and two sweet pockets. The criss cross over the back ties that meet over the back shoulder are a fun way to mix and match prints or trims to add creativity to the dress.

Everyday Princess Dresses by Made for Mermaids

And don’t forget there are always the Everyday Princess patterns that are ideal for Disney days!


Violette Fields Threads

Madison is my love. A stunning dress with a gorgeous V bodice and a keyhole back with darling ties. This dress is another I love to spin wonders with Disney prints. I alter the lengths in the cut chart and add mini ruffles or rick rack. The lined bodice with sweet cap sleeves is a very feminine dress that has a stunning vintage feel.  

June is another love of mine. The creative side pockets allow you to use all those cuts of fabric you’ve been saving to POP in a dress. The lined bodice and open back is another one you can dress up with all the trims!


Now that I have let you in on my faves for fast, fun, Disney friendly sewing grab yours and let the creativity run wild and don’t forget all the trims! Enjoy your sewing and vacation!