Footed Pajamas by Jalie


Hi all, Tasha from Sewn at Seams here to share my love for the Jalie footed pajama pattern.  As a winter baby I welcome the arrival of cooler weather.   Of course that means dressing in layers to ward off the chill even when puttering around the house.  So my cooler weather sewing plans led to me to seek out some comfortable loungewear.  As I type this I am kicked back in the recliner where I am super cozy and warm while wearing my footed pajamas.  No need for a blanket to tuck under my feet to keep them warm or to trip over as I get up to refill my coffee.  

The Jalie footed pajama pattern is great because the size range goes from 12months-Adult so you can make pajamas for the entire family.  Truthfully we are no strangers to footed pajamas in this house because with three toddlers, they pretty much live in them from October-March.  I envied how they could just roll out of bed, hop up to the table for breakfast, then run off to play with their toys and never have to change clothes.  However, I’ll be honest and say that after a certain age, I saw footed pajamas as being more of a hassle than a convenience.  I mean who wants to get halfway undressed every time they go to the bathroom?  Well with the rise in popularity of rompers this past spring and summer, I began to look at footed pajamas for myself in a different light.  And I will tell you that light was shining bright!  After finishing my pajamas, I pranced around the house relishing in how great I felt and how cool I looked while wearing a onesie.  And not once did I worry about what would happen when I had to go to the bathroom.

The Jalie pattern includes options for footed pajamas or you can do a cuffed ankle and you can also do a side pocket.  The main body and sleeves call for fleece fabric with 30% stretch, ribbing for the cuffs and neckband, and a zipper for the front.  For my pair of pajamas, I used cotton lycra for the cuffs and neckband because it is what I had on hand that matched my fleece but I don’t think it changed the fit at all.  In fact I love how soft the cotton lycra is, especially around the neck.  Because I chose the footed option, I also need elastic for the ankle as well as gripper fabric for the soles.  I love not having to dig for a pair of socks to keep my feet warm.  Just make sure you refer to the size chart for the soles as you may need a smaller size for the footed part than for the body.  It’s an easy adjustment to make and the instructions include tips on how to get the correct fit when blending sizes.

I suppose I should consider making the rest of the family some new pajamas, but that requires me to move from the recliner and my coffee mug is still half full.