Mini Wardrobe Capsule featuring the Violette Field Threads Back to School Collection:

Hi there! It’s Kari from That’s-Sew-Kari sharing my 1st grader’s mini capsule I made with Violette Field Threads “Back to School” Collection!  As soon as I saw the collection, I knew I had to SEW IT ALL!!!  So I did!   I knew I wanted it to mix and match as much as possible so I spent quite a bit of time shopping my fabric stash to see what coordinated.  I was able to choose a couple of statement fabrics for two of the patterns (Autumn and Hattie) and then I chose coordinating prints for the patterns that could mix and match (Amelia, Alexandra, Tess and Presley).  


In order to maximize my final number of outfits, I had to choose carefully on which versions I sewed of some of the patterns.  As much as I loved the drop waist dress of Alexandra, I chose to sew the blouse version in order to pair it with Presley as well.  I chose to sew a ruffle-less Amelia without adding the missing length because I needed to make sure the hi-low hem wouldn’t peek out of the back of Autumn and I wanted the sleeves to be slim to fit nicely under Tess.  On Hattie, I chose to sew sleeveless simply so I can add the Amelia underneath.

In the end, after sewing all 6 pieces, I ended up with 11 outfits and 3 coordinating bows!

Here are my combos:

Amelia + Presley + Tess Bow (Mini):

Amelia + Presley + Tess + Tess Bow (Mini):

Alexandra + Presley + Tess Bow (Everyday):

Alexandra + Presley + Tess + Tess Bow (Everyday):

Amelia + Autumn + Alexandra Bow:

Amelia + Autumn + Tess + Alexandra Bow:

Alexandra + Autumn + Alexandra Bow:

Alexandra + Autumn + Tess + Alexandra Bow:

Amelia + Hattie:

Amelia + Hattie + Tess:


My daughter could not wait for me to finish!!!  We decided to do one big photoshoot so we kept it close to home so we could run inside and switch out portions of the outfits.  The photoshoot took 52 minutes and I only needed to reshoot one outfit which she had chosen to wear to school the next day.  Unfortunately, by the time we got to Hattie, my daughter was WAY over adding a bow in her hair, but the bows coordinate with that as well.  All in all, it was worth all the lost sleep from staying up late to sew and the QT slushie and dollar tree items I bribed my daughter with for photos… LOL