Go Exploring Cardigan from Ellie and Mac:

Fall is on its way, which means it is cardigan season!!!! Do you love cardigans as much as I do? My daughter has worn hers all week because it's cool in the morning when we go to the bus and it gives her the perfect amount of warmth. I've already cut out a second cardigan. The Go Exploring cardigan is a duster cardigan, with a hood and front pockets in woman and girls sizes.

I chose a gray and navy cotton lycra for my cardigan and thought it would be perfect if I added elbow patches.

  1. Cut out rectangular pattern pieces and stabilizer.

  2. Iron on stabilizer to patches

  3. After sewing the sleeves to the bodice I had my daughter try on the cardigan and bend her elbow so I could mark where the patches should go.

  4. Make sure your elbow patches are other the right spot and then stitch it on using one of the decorative stitches on your sewing machine!

The Go Exploring Cardigan by Ellie and Mac is the perfect addition to my daughter's fall wardrobe and as you can see it looks great on women and girls!

Tasha's Version: