Sewing for Halloween: Candy Corn Coasters

What candy always makes you think of Halloween?  For me, it’s candy corn. Always, lol!

I’ve been on a bit of a coaster making kick lately and thought it would be lots of fun to have some special coasters for Halloween...Shaped like candy corn, of course! ;)

So, I braved my fear of doing something new and somehow mashed together a candy corn shape in Paint AND found a way to convert it to a PDF file.  I felt very accomplished, so please be kind in your critique. ;)

For this project, all you really need are some scrap fabrics in your favorite candy corn colors, a six or 7 inch scrap of batting (or felt/fleece) and a similar size for the backing fabric.   Most of all, have fun!!

  1. Print template and cut out on line. (Sorry, no 1” box, but it’s okay! ;))

  2. Cut 3 strips of fabric 3” long and about 7” tall.  

  3. Sew strips together in order desired. Use a shorter than normal stitch length because we’ll be cutting these apart later.

  4. Press well.

  5. Layer batting, backing fabric (pretty side up and pay attention if it’s directional), and pieced fabric (pretty side down).

  1. Pin pattern to your layers (positioning so that you like the distribution of fabric) and cut out.

  1. Pin or clip around the edges, if desired.

  2. Stitch around coaster, leaving a few inches open at the bottom for turning. (I didn’t stitch between the red clips.)

  3. Clip/notch around curves. (I used my pinking shears for this.)

1. Turn, using a tool if needed to get the curves smooth, and press being sure to turn in the unstitched seam.

2. Topstitch all the way around your coaster and in the ditch along the seams if desired.

candy corn 4.jpg


Please share pictures in the Pattern Revolution group of your finished coasters! :)