The Galaxie 2 Collection by Jalie

Hey y’all, its Jackie.  It’s the time of year where we find ourselves in the kitchen more and more, so the Jalie Galaxie 2 collection is so timely.  This collection has a ton of kitchen wearables and accessories, including a full apron and a tool belt in both child and adult sizing, as well as placemats, dish covers, and a headband.  

JB for PR_Jalie Galaxie 2_IMG_9690.jpg

I whipped up these bowl covers in sizes small, medium, and large.  There are also extra small and extra large covers, but most of my cookware is in the small to large range.  These were so easy to make and I have no doubt they’ll get used, whether my kids use them to cover food in the microwave or if I use them to cover a dish when sharing a meal or tucking it in the refrigerator.  

I also made the adult full apron in size XL.  I made it to give as a gift, so it’s larger than I would make for myself, but the ties made it easy to fit snugly. The apron is a gift for my brother (sssshhhhhh!  Don’t tell him!), so I chose a manly denim with natural colored cotton for the ties. The pocket is formed within the seam between the upper and lower pieces and it’s so clever and handy!  I love the look of grommets, so of course I chose grommets over buttonholes, and I think they really give this apron a professional finish.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays and sharing the Jalie joy!  I hope that you are too.