One Thimble Issue 18- Issue Release and Blog Tour

Hello! Leonie here to chat to you about One Thimble Issue 18 …. yes, Issue 18, just where did all that time go?? Seems I dropped out of circulation for longer than I thought…. and, in the meantime One Thimble got a facelift and looks all grown up!


There is a variety of articles in this issue, as per usual. Some are aimed at sewists learning new skills, some at small business owners seeking tips on marketing, some at crafters. Whatever you are into there is sure to be something of interest.

I was particularly interested to see an article about posture while sewing. I am pleased to see that there are plans to build upon this article in future issues. I know that when my business was very active, I struggled a lot with various pains, particularly back pain, and really should have been thinking more seriously about how to set up my space and sitting/standing correctly to avoid it.

There is some pretty great information on different presser foot attachments available to make tasks easier and neater. Some I have heard of, own and use, others I have not and will have to look into further.

This issue has quite a number of pretty cool knit patterns, so it’s fantastic to see some information on coverstitch machines and how to troubleshoot problems with using them. I have had mine for a couple of years now, but I certainly would have found this information helpful when I was starting out. I definitely sympathised with the staring at the unopened box for a few weeks in overwhelmed awe… though I think I at least unpacked it, then stared at it a while!!

Speaking of the patterns, I tried a couple out. Designers I’ve never even heard of actually, and really enjoyed them. I really like that there is a good mix of patterns in every issue and not necessarily from well known designers, it's a lovely taster of what is out there. On this occasion, my son was totally thrilled to have some new things. It always makes him feel special when I take the time to make him something nice and to his specifications. We actually both enjoyed going through my fabric stash getting the perfect mix, so the whole experience made for some nice quality time.

Origami Raglan Sweater by Misusu

Hickory & Spice Henley by Orange Daisy Patterns



I do miss Mr Fox’s musings, I did used to enjoy them… maybe Mrs Fox would consider convincing him to do some more in future issues. Hint, hint! There is a newer running story though, I’ll have to get hold of some back issues to get filled in on the start.

Enough blabbering from me, I don’t want to give away too much!! Enjoy reading it all for yourself! Until next time… have a wonderful time creating and being inspirational!!


Here are a few more patterns you'll enjoy in OneThimble Issue 18.

Can't get enough of these patterns? Follow along with the blog tour all week to see lots of other pictures of the fabulous patterns included in the issue.