Sew Yourself Some Love: Eleonore Pull-on Jeans by Jalie and Camilla Top by 5 out of 4

This week we are taking some time for ourselves and sewing some love!  We often forget to take care of ourselves but this week is all about the us.  Today Jackie is expanding her wardrobe by sewing herself some love that is fun and stylish but that she will also use in her regular rotation.  Make sure to follow along this week as the team continues to Sew themselves some Love!   

Hey y’all.  I love sewing bold pieces.  I get an idea in my head,and I gotta make it.  But I find that I don’t actually wear those statement items.  As much as I love making them and as much as I love looking at them in my closet, I just don’t reach for them.  And so this year I’m focusing on making pieces I’ll actually wear.  I have a classic, tailored casual style.  Can one be simultaneously tailored and casual?  Anyway, I decided to Sew Myself Some Love by making practical pieces that go with anything and that I’ll reach for again and again.  It’s harder for me than it sounds.  

My first piece of sewing love is the Jalie Eleonore pull-on jeans.  I love Jalie because their sizing is so consistent.  I know I am a size W in their bottoms, regardless of what pattern I choose from their catalog.  Before I cut any fabric, I make my standard modifications - a flat seat adjustment and adding length to the pants legs.  The Jalie Eleonores have a slim straight leg, which I love!!  I made this pair out of blue denim.  I did not included distressing or extra details because it started as a muslin, but they turned out so well that I wear them all the time.  There are instructions on the blog about adding front pockets as well as for turning these into a skinny leg pattern, neither of which I used.  I think I will include pockets in future pairs, but I’m really liking the slim straight leg of this pattern.  It’s so easy to transition between dressy and casual.  I feel sleek and confident in these jeans, and what woman doesn’t want that?

My other piece is this drape neck sweater using the Camilla Top from 5 Out of 4.  I have been collecting cream colored sweater knits for some time now and have pretty clear ideas of what they needed to become.  I wanted a top with long enough sleeves not found in shops,  a loose neckline, and that would have more ease than a t-shirt pattern.  I scoured the PDF pattern pages looking for something that would compliment the drape and weight that is specific to sweater knits that was not a cardigan.  Lo and behold, the Camilla.  Since it’s designed for a variety of knits, I knew I could definitely achieve the look I wanted with my fabric.  At first glance when looking at the front pattern piece, it seems a bit complicated, but the instructions and images are clear and precise, and it worked out perfectly.  I was surprised just how quickly it came together.  In just a couple hours, I created a beautiful draped neck sweater that can go with any pair of pants I own.  

Now I have two new separate pieces that can work individually or together.  When paired, I feel put together, even with minimal effort.  I can host a brunch, chauffer my kids around town, hang out in my sewing room, or transition between all three and still feel comfortable and stylish.  The only time I feel conflicted about these pieces is when they are in the laundry and I can’t wear them.  And I think that making myself truly wearable pieces is the best way I can Sew Myself Some Love.  How do you Sew Yourself Some Love?