Sew Yourself Some Love: 5 out of 4's Ninja Pants and the Agility Tank and Greenstyles Xpress tank and Tie Bank Tank

Today is our last Sew Yourself Some Love feature.  Weatherly is showing us two separate outfits she's put together that make her feel good and motivate her to get moving.  

Hey Hey Everyone!  It’s Weatherly and I’m so excited to share with you my outfits for Sew Yourself Some Love.  This year I have been working crazy hard on getting back into shape and eating healthier and all that jazz.  And, let’s be honest, working out is so much more fun with a new outfit or two… Okay… maybe not “fun” but it definitely makes it better! So, for Sew Yourself Some Love I knew I wanted to create some fun workout outfits that could make it through hot yoga and tops that were versatile in case I needed to run errands before class.

First up, the necessities: pants and sports bras.  For these I went with two patterns from 5outof4 Patterns; the ninja pants and the agility tank/dress.  The ninja pants come with multiple options for rise (maternity, low, mid, and high) and options for length (multiple short inseam lengths, pedal pusher, capri, ankle, and long).  I went with high rise and ankle length for both pairs of my pants. You can also choose whether or not you want to put a gusset in, which I did for both as well.  For my sports bras I used the agility tank/dress pattern which also includes instructions for just using the bra part.  Again, this pattern has tons of options, including nursing options, so for my sports bras a did one with a strappy back and one with a t-back.  For my t-back sports bra I followed the directions in the pattern, however, for my strappy back bra I decided that I wanted to keep a little more length on it so I added a band at the bottom instead of putting in elastic.  Both patterns were easy to follow and I LOVE the overall fit.  The pants were a super quick sew while the sports bras took a little more time due to the binding.  For my fabric I used athletic brushed poly for the ninja pants and the strappy sports bra main fabric.  I lined the strappy sports bra with cotton lycra and used the same cotton lycra for the binding.  For the t-back sports bra I used swim fabric as my main fabric and cotton lycra as my lining and binding.

For my shirts I used two patterns from Greenstyle, the Xpress Tank and the Tie Back Tank.  I had been searching for patterns just like these so I was thrilled to finally be able to sew them!  Both of these tops were quick sews and easy to follow patterns.  I also love the fit in these as well.  For my Tie Back Tank I used brushed poly and oh my goodness it is soft!  For my Greenstyle Xpress Tank I used ITY and I love how light and flowy it is.  

So now it’s your turn!  Go out there and sew yourself some love!