Unisex Beatbox Romper by Ellie and Mac:

I've sewn up my first Ellie & Mac pattern this weekend -- the Unisex Beatbox Romper Pattern.  I’m quite pleased with the results and proud to show you two of our six (yes six!) grandchildren in their latest fashions by grandma.  

pinnable image.jpg

These are a collaboration of sorts though, as my daughter searched my stash for 2 year-old Mr. E’s romper; and I chose for Mr. O, who just turned 6 months.  

A lot of information is packed into the pattern, the pieces are well labeled and the instructions flowed nicely.  I did wonder whether or not a confident beginner would miss instructions as to how many snaps to use and/or how far apart to place them on the optional crotch placket.  I guessed at it as both the grandkids needed crotch snaps for access.

Mr. E had no complaints and was quite comfortable.  I just followed him around the children’s museum for a few hours, trying to get a few photographs.  He loves the painting area.

Mr. O was born smiling; so I asked my daughter what she thought of his Romper:  “ . . . It’s awesome Mom”

There you go.  Thanks to Ellie & Mac, my job is done.

Happy Sewing,

gloria june