Hooded Towel and Burp Cloths with Shannon Fabrics

We are back again today with some more amazing fabric and a project using Shannon Fabrics and a free Shannon Fabrics pattern. Today we have the Embossed Teal Arrow Cuddle, Lemon Cuddle, Lime Terry Cloth made into some perfectly adorable baby accessories. Rebekah is sharing her creations today. 

Hey Everyone!  Rebekah from Rebekah Sews here again!  Today I am sharing an exciting opportunity I had.  It isn’t too often I get to try out fabric so when I do, well it’s a pretty big deal to me!  And let’s just say this fabric didn’t disappoint!

Pattern Revolution and Shannon Fabrics teamed together for this review.  To be honest I had never heard of Shannon Fabrics prior to this review.  I can’t forget about them now.  Did you also know they have some free tutorials and patterns on their site too?  They do! And the creation I made is one of them!! So let’s start with what I made.  They have a really cute tutorial on how to make a Cuddle Hooded Towel and Burps Cloths.  One of the best things with this tutorial?  The amount of fabric you need gives you enough to make a set for yourself and one to give away (or just keep for yourself.  I won’t tell!).

These are so perfect for a baby shower or birthday gift. The burp cloths are my favorite kind in that they have a contoured neck area so it sits very comfortably on your shoulder.  Now the tutorial for this has the simple method of sewing RST, turn, and topstitch. I also wanted to try it with binding to add the lemon to it. It does work with the binding too! So now you have two ways of making the burp cloths.  The towel is the perfect size for a baby or toddler and is sooo cute. The weight is just amazing when finished and is rather easy to make. Now the tutorial isn’t like a pdf pattern that gives you a photo with every step. This one gives you just enough to make the towel and burp clothes with easy to understand instructions with a few diagrams.  As long as you have a little sewing knowledge, you shouldn’t have any problems making them. They are a pretty quick sew. About 45 min once they were cut out!

Now let’s talk fabric.  For this pattern you need cuddle fabric and terry cloth.  OMG the selection for both is AMAZING!! So many choices it really was hard to choose.  I don’t know if everyone knows, but I am expecting baby #5 (my last one! cry) at the end of July.  I knew I for this baby I wanted something bright and fun since its a summer baby. When choosing I didn’t know if I was having a boy or girl yet either, so I choose more gender neutral colors.  It was still a hard decision though as they have sooo many options of terry and cuddle that you can really find anything you need!! I ended up choosing an Embossed Teal Arrow Cuddle, Lemon Cuddle for the binding, and Lime Terry Cloth.  The combination was perfect!  The softness of the cuddle is astounding.  I absolutely LOVE it!! The terry cloth is also the best I have felt.  It is thick and plush too. If I could make all my bath towels out of it I so would!!!  When I was done sewing my project my 4yr old felt it and exclaimed, “It’s so soft!!! I want to lay in it forever!”  Guess I’ll have to make her something next with my next order!

I really can’t say enough about the fabric I ordered. I loved it! I so look forward to wrapping my new baby girl (yes I’m having another girl!) in this towel and having her head rest on this burp cloth.  This will definitely be my go to shop for cuddle and terry cloth. I also look forward to trying their other fabrics. I haven’t looked at their other tutorials on the site, but I know their are other reviews coming from their fabric and tutorials and I can’t wait to see what everyone has made!