Sunshine Reading Pillow Tutorial with Shannon Fabrics

Today we are finishing up our series amazing sews using a variety of fabrics from Shannon Fabrics. Today we have a sunny and cuddly project just perfect for your l little reader: a sunshine reading pillow made from Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Fabric. 

This pillow is big enough to cuddle and has a pocket on the back to store your summer reading materials in. Plus it is super soft and comfy to lay on while you do your reading. 

To make the pillow, I used 3 colors of the Shannon Fabric Solid Cuddle 3: Canary, Mandarin and Watermelon. To start, you will need to cut 2-20" circles out of the Canary fabric. 

For the pocket, you will also need a 20" circle out of the watermelon fabric. I used my canary circle as a template for the watermelon circle. 

For the rays of the sun, I cut 24 triangles from the watermelon fabric. The triangles were 2.75" wide across the bottom and 4" tall in the center. I also cut 12 triangle of each of the mandarin and canary fabrics, each triangle being 5" wide across the bottom and 6" tall in the center. 

To assemble the pillow, I folded the watermelon circle in half and sewed a seam along the folded edge for the pocket. 

Then I made the rays of the sun by matching two triangles, right side together, and sewing the two sides of the triangle using a .25" seam allowance. Once the seams were sewn, I trimmed the sides and top, then turned it right side out. I use a chopstick to push the point out. 

I followed that process for all of the triangles, ending with 24 triangles. 

Once all of the pieces were sewn up, I layered the pillow starting with one canary circle (right side up). Then I put the folded watermelon pocket piece on top, matching the bottom edge. 

Now I placed the larger triangles evenly spaced around the edge of the circle, alternating colors between the mandarin and canary. 

Then I added in the smaller watermelon triangles in-between each larger triangle. It will be a tight fit, but they will all fit around it! I am not much of a pinner, but for this project I did pin all of the pieces place. 

Once all of the triangle were pinned in place, I basted along the outer edge to keep everything in place. 

Then I placed the other canary circle, right side down, on top of the basted piece and sewed around the edges using a 1/2" seam allowance. I sewed around the entire edge but left about 2" unsewn to turn and stuff the pillow. 

Once the sewing was complete, I turned the pillow right side out and used stuffing to fill the pillow. Then I stitched up the opening using hand stitching. And that's it! You have a pillow ready for your little one to cuddle with!

My daughter took one look (and feel!) of the pillow and asked if I had enough fabric left to make her a blanket too since it was so soft. So I guess I will be making a blanket soon as well!

I hope you enjoy this pillow as much as we do! We'd love to see your version too! Share your makes in on our facebook page or tag us on instagram @patternrevolution. 

The fabric for this post were generously supplied by Shannon Fabrics.