The Finley dress by Violette Field Threads


Hey guys, It’s Shae again!  Our Colorado summer is really starting to heat up around here and my daughter has been asking for some more flowy summer dresses.  Something easy for her to play in, but still nice enough to go out to a nice dinner. Enter the Finley from Violette Field Threads.  I opted to do the dress version because it really fits all her preferences!


I used a super sheer gauze fabric that I’ve had in the my stash for a few years so instead of doing a facing, I made it into a lining.  The skirt is still sheer, but that’s fine since my daughter always wears little bike shorts under her dresses. For the straps, I went for the fixed straps so she doesn’t have to come running to me everytime she wants to wear her new dress.  Getting the adjusted to the right length to a bit of extra time, but it’s worth it! Everything went together super fast and we both love how the Finley dress turned out. I think we will be adding a few Finley tank tops to her summer wardrobe too.