Sleeveless in Seattle by Duchess and Hare

Hi there! It’s Kari from That's-Sew-Kari with the Sleeveless in Seattle from Duchess & Hare.  This pattern comes with both a dress and crop top & skirt version.  My oldest thinks crop tops and skirts are the coolest thing so I sewed it for her.  

After consulting with the measurement chart, I sewed the 6 length in mini with a 3 waist for the skirt and a 4 width with 6 length for the top.  My 9 yr old is TINY!! Next time I will choose a shorter length as I prefer it shorter. It’s possible I have it sitting a little low on her waist, although that is where she prefers it.  

My daughter loves this set and I’m happy that the pattern also has a dress version which my 7 year old would prefer.



Chris's version: