Back to School with Made for Mermaids

It's back to school sewing time!

But it's not what I had expected. I'm trying not to feel sad about it. My ego is having a little internal tumble with my common sense. I WANT TO SEW. I have dreams of making beautiful things, but I know it will just be a waste. For years, maybe even before she was even born, I was planning the most amazing, adorable, EPIC wardrobe for my daughter's first week of school. I've pinned patterns, fabrics, trims, accessories. Heck, I even started a small stockpile of supplies. But, reality check time.  

This is my daughter, Abby.  I could show you an entire slideshow of mud and messes; this is just the most recent. Abby has Sensory Processing Disorder, and that's why Abby will be going to a special school for kindergarten this fall; it's also why she loves mud.  Abby's school has lovely mud kitchen, where she will feel right at home. How awesome is that?

Mud Kitchen constructed by the Shanks family at Wilmington Cooperative School

I know there are other moms like me, moms who sew (or not) for kids with special needs. I know it isn't always fun (too itchy! too tight! it hurts!). Sometimes not sewing is the answer. Sometimes sewing is the only answer. As parents, we have to determine what is best for our kids, even if it isn't what we've always dreamed. So, today, as sad as it makes me feel,  I'll be purchasing 5 pairs of black leggings and 5 black t shirts for Abby's back to school wardrobe. Yes, I could make them, but in this case, it's just cheaper and more practical not to sew. That doesn't leave me much to blog about when it comes to "Styling for Back to School," but thankfully Kara is here to help me out today. I'd just like to leave you with this one piece of advice about back to school sewing: Get input from your kids-sew what your kids love, what makes them comfortable, what makes them happy. School is hard enough these days, so sending them in some mama made clothes that they've helped design might provide just the extra confidence boost they need. XOXOXO Robin

Are your kids ready to go back to school?  My kids aren’t ready to say hello to their teachers and homework but summer must come to an end.  If you are like me, back to school wardrobe planning is part of the annual back to school preparation.  We, as sewists, are lucky that we are able to make back to school clothing.  If you are planning on sewing a back to school wardrobe, you have come to the right spot.  I hope you find some inspiration in the next few photos.

I made the Samantha Suspender Skirt by Made for Mermaids for back to school.  The skirt has the cutest suspenders. They spice up the skirt a little and add interest to the back view of the outfit.  The skirt can also be made without the suspenders and even with a button placket for a completely different look.

The skirt also has pockets, a favorite addition to any outfit.

The Lauren Pintuck Top is just darling.  The top can be made in many different variations including the collar that is shown.  I made the short sleeve top with the collar but variations include sleeveless, long sleeve and a dress instead of the top.  I love the dress option as well! Oh, if you're into matchy matchy, there's a Mama Lauren, too.

This M4M outfit is playground approved! Be sure to check out the giveaway and awesome back to school wardrobe planning freebies from M4m HERE and follow along for the rest of the tour!

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