Boys Can Wear Pink with the Keagan Shirt from MODKID

We are so excited to be part of the Boys Can Wear Pink tour again this year! Tasha did a great job and her son is just adorable rocking his pink.  We hope you enjoy the post! (and you might want to make sure you make it to the bottom of the post for some important giveaway information!)

Hi All!  Tasha from Sewn at Seams here to show you how my son rocks his pink.  Although he’s the oldest, he’s outnumbered with having two sisters.  In our house, you can pretty much wear whatever you want in whatever color you choose, so my son is no stranger to wearing a pink shirt, yellow socks, or the occasional purple hat (quite possibly at the same time).  In his opinion, if it can keep up with his rough and tumble ways then color is irrelevant.  

Keeping his personality and style in mind I envisioned my son wearing a bowling style shirt straight out of the movie “Grease”.  I knew the Keagan shirt from MODKID would provide the perfect pattern for this shirt and it did not disappoint.  Since the Keagan shirt pattern already includes a bowling style view, all I had to do was cut out the correct pieces and get to work.  I really liked that both the collar and front/back side gore pieces can be made in a contrasting color from the main body.  This really helped bring my vision to life.


It had been a little while since I made a shirt using woven fabric so my iron got a good workout but I love the finished result.  The only minor change we made was using snaps instead of buttons. Since my little guy is starting to dress himself, those were a better option for us.  We used a black shirting from my stash and my son picked out his idea of pink (fuchsia) during a trip to a local fabric shop.  I ended up really liking the shade that he picked as it is allowed the black stitching and snaps to really stand out.

Boys can absolutely wear pink and have fun doing it, especially if they only have on one shoe.


Want to see more ways that Boys Wear Pink?  Follow along with the tour all week long.  

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