Always Learning: The New Product I'm Obsessed With

I've been sewing apparel for just over a year now, and I know one thing to be true:

"You don't know what you don't know."

I said so when I was learning women's apparel sewing, and zippers, and darts, and fabric types... especially the dreaded knit

You all have shared my knit journey from day 1, watching my skills (and kids) grow. 

Over the course of a year I've learned tricks like... use Wooly Nylon thread in the bobbin for extra durable stretch, and my own tricks for cutting the slippery-stretchy-rolly fabric. But like most self-taught sewists, the learning curve has been slow and full of trial and error. Loooots of error.  

So imagine my surprise when I got my first Stitchbox. (What's stitchbox??) I opened it to find a "beginners to knit" kit, and sort of laughed to myself thinking "I'm no beginner!" (my internal voice has quite the ego, huh?) I nodded in agreement as I pulled out the stretch needles, gave the company a back-pat for including a spool of wooly nylon, SQUEALED when I saw the super soft blue dot knit, and then... and then...


Wait, what's this thing? This "lickity grip" stuff? You mean there's an actual real life product for making knits easier to handle when they start rolling up?? Pish posh, next you'll tell me there's a never-ending bobbin too. I'll believe this when I see it.

BELIEVE IT. This finger-balm has the consistency of a really weak glue stick, and helps keep fabrics from slipping around while stitching. I've been using it all over the place lately, and it worked wonders on stretchy mesh for a very special pre-test I worked on last night... shhhhh!

Kudos, Stitchbox. I was so excited to break into the new sewing toys you so thoughtfully coordinated! We can all use routine encouragement to try something new :)

So, what did I make?? I used the Violette Field Threads Audrey peasant dress to make this excellent staple under-shirt to wear with dresses (like the Amelie and Henri dress pictured here).

More pics can be seen in my review of the Market Dress. I just love this knit!