Talking About Fabric...

Talking About Fabric...

So I constantly see posts online to the tune of: 'What exactly is X fabric?', 'What should I order online', 'I just wish I could touch it...'

Well, I am here to give you some insight.  I'm hoping to do more and more of these posts over the next year so that by the end of 2015 if someone asks 'What is X fabric?', you are going to have the answers!

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Get Your Children in the Spirit to Bake Cookies with the Barclay Vintage Apron from Ruby Jean's Closet

If you read my post in The Night Before Christmas Series, you already know that for me the holidays are filled with baking!!!  I am loving all the chances to bake with my kids and watch them learn and grow in the process - it might be messy, but it sure is fun!

To help with the mess, you need to check out the Barclay Kitschy Apron from Ruby Jean's Closet.  This is such an adorable pattern with so much style.  Whip up a couple of these and wrap them  with some baking essentials and you have a perfect gift to place under the tree.  Grab the pattern for 20% off today and tomorrow (12/20-12/21 EST) with the code APRON20

Want to make some cookies with your own children?  Here are a few of my favorites:

img source:

img source:

 Martha Stewart Lemon Cookies:  These are going to become your new 'go to' sugar cookie.  These are a light buttery cookie with a faint lemon undertone.  The cookies hold their shape perfectly making them a great base for the traditional Christmas cookies - no more unrecognizable blobs!  The recipe includes a great royal icing recipe for a very professional finish, or you could pair with your favorite butter-cream and they would still be sublime.

img source:

img source:

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies:  This recipe from  (my go-to for any recipe need) is a great holiday take on the classic chocolate chip cookie.  With dried cranberries and white chocolate chips, these look quite festive on a holiday tray or given in a tin or bag as a gift to the neighbors.  *I sub out vanilla for brandy when I make the recipe.

img source:

img source:

Coraline (Button) Cookies:  I am a sucker for the classic peanut butter blossom cookie at Christmas (you know, peanut butter cookie, Hershey kiss jammed on top - yummmmm).  But thanks to Bakerella, I think I may have found a new version of that Chocolate/Peanut butter combination for this year.  These would make such an amazing gift for any of your sewing friends.  Just wrap a few in a cellophane bag, tie with a ribbon, and Voila!


Now that you have some recipes that are making you itch to get into the kitchen, grab your discount code for 20% off (APRON20) and get into the kitchen with some littles in your life!

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Barclay Vintage Apron from Ruby Jean's Closet

Review by Kara Orr

The Barclay Vintage Apron by Ruby Jean's Closet is SOOOOO cute!  I love it!  I couldn't wait to sew this apron for my "little", who loves to play in her kitchen.  I couldn't resist making the apron Christmas themed because every little girl needs a Christmas apron!

I am very serious when I say this pattern is super easy.  I would rate the Barclay Vintage Apron as a beginner pattern.  If you have never sewn anything, this is a great pattern to start with.  

The apron can be upcycled from a shirt or pretty fabrics can be used.  There are so many options for this apron, I would even let my daughter choose all of her own fabrics.

I made this apron and oven mitt in about an hour or less, super quick sew!  The instructions are super simple and easy to follow.  Lots of pictures in the pdf will help if you get stuck on a step.  I love that the pattern designer suggests that you contact her if you have ANY questions, so sweet!

Remember when I mentioned the oven mitt earlier?  You can see the mitt here on her right hand.  (Never mind that she should have the mitt on the hand holding the muffin tin instead of using it to open the oven!  lol!)

The Vintage Apron has all pattern pieces that need to be printed out.

I really think this apron would make a great gift for Christmas or for a fun and unique birthday gift.  I love the pockets on the front and the button detail on the front bib adds some character.

Happy Sewing!