Showing off the Tee Times Three by Blank Slate Patterns: An Affiliate Feature

We are so happy to have Blank Slate Patterns as one of our affiliates!!!  Melissa is a talented designer with a heart for boy's fashion.  Each of her patterns is a sewing lesson unto itself, and I always come away having learned a new technique or trick.  Her patterns range from beginner to more advanced-intermediate, but because of how well written they are, anyone can try any of her patterns.

Have you been wanting to learn how to do an awesome button hole placket?  Check out her Hipster Henley.  Melissa also offers tons of free things on her Blog Melly Sews - like a tutorial for adding a Henley Placket onto a T shirt pattern you already love.
I actually used her free tutorial on adding a Henley placket found HERE for this shirt.

Dying to make use of more bias tape?  Take a look at the Coastal Cargos, Big Island Board Shorts, Retro Romper, and Tuxedo Pants (hmmm I think Melissa likes bias tape!)

Want to tackle a Blazer?!?!?  You know you do!  Check out the Blank Slate Blazer - this is the pattern that made me fall head over heals for Blank Slate.  And see how ADORABLE it is all sewn up!

Today we are taking a look at one of her more basic patterns, the Tee Times 3 - Blank Slate seeks to offer just that... blank slates that you can customize to your heart's content.  Add a mix of cool fabrics, try your hand at fabric paint or Art Transfer Paper, put on some applique.  You can customize these patterns to your heart's content!  OR - keep them plain so that you kids have some basics in their wardrobe.

I was lucky enough to test the Tee times 3 for Melissa this summer.  Let's just start by saying what a VERSATILE pattern this is.  You start with a basic ringer Tee... you then have the option of short or long sleeves, then you have an optional hood, THEN you have the girly version with the Peter Pan collar and key hole back.  All of this in one pattern.  It is perfect for boys, it is perfect for girls, it is made of knit and will become a comfy staple in your child's life!

As you can see I kept it cool and classic with a plain red with grey lined hood for my son, A.  And for baby girl I had fun with a funky print.

Yep - these are the SAME pattern - and here is the funny thing, they are also the same size!  I wanted the shirt to be a little bit big on baby girl and long enough to wear with leggings (anyone else find that ALL girl tops from the stores are cut about 2-4 inches short, or super skinny... even in the toddler sizes ;op).  So you can see that the top hits her at the hip and has plenty of growing room in the shoulders... she is such a big girl.  I did cut the sleeve length to her size so that they wouldn't be too long.  A is my skinny man, he has a couple inches on his little sister...but I'm thinking he might weigh less - tall and skinny this one is ;o)

And look at these smiling faces - yeah these are two kids that LOVE their new clothes.  And yours will too!